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Crossover To Pilates Academy To Access The Best Updates And Training In Asia

Below are the details of what is taught in the Pilates Academy International Crossover Courses.

There are a few major differences between how Pilates Academy Courses are taught and other Pilates methods. Luckily the Crossover procedure is simple and all our students so far have enjoyed the extra information they learned during the crossover courses.

  • Pilates Academy International (PAI) mission statement, organisation details and background.
  • PAI Principles and training methods.
  • How to follow the manual format including performing each exercise, discussion of muscle focus, modifications including props and cueing.
  • The tier system of exercises is explained including division between beginner, intermediate and advanced level exercises.

Email for more information : [email protected]

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Pilates Academy International – CROSSOVER COURSES

Did you know that if you have taken a Stott Pilates, Polestar, BASI, or any other other substantial Pilates course you can take one of our CROSSOVER courses to convert to Pilates Academy from Pilates On Fifth. Then you can continue your courses with us on our monthly course schedule at many locations in Asia. And if you’re already certified you can get a Pilates Academy certification while still keeping your old one. Email: [email protected] for more details.