Reika Miya

Pilates Instructor

(Wheelock Place)

After Reika gave birth to her first child, she became a qualified Yoga instructor to maintain better health. Reika also worked on various exercises other than Yoga to further improve her posture and physical fitness. Reika's continuous pursuit led her to discover Pilates.

When Reika took her first Pilates session, she was impressed with its effect on her mind and body. She felt relaxed and energized. Since then, she was determined to incorporate Pilates into her daily life and decided to obtain the certifications needed to be a Pilates instructor.

Reika believes that Pilates is a comprehensive exercise that treats the whole body as one connection. Through Pilates, the entire body will be strengthened in a well-balanced manner. Pilates injects energy into both body and mind. Reika hopes to support others by remedying their unconscious physical habits and restoring their original beautiful state through Pilates.







Areas of Expertise:

  • Pilates for Beginners
  • Japanese Pilates

Education and Training:

    • Pilates Academy International Instructor Level 1 (Anatomy, Biomechanics and Postural Analysis, Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair & Barrel)
    • BASI Pilates Instructor (Mat)
    • YMC Medical Trainers School Yoga Instructor


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