Options Pilates Instructors and Staff are dedicated to helping you improve your well-being.

Whether you suffer from chronic back pain, tightness in your neck and shoulders, an old injury, have recently given birth; or maybe you just want to get back into shape and don’t know where to start, our holistic approach to whole body wellness can help you improve your well-being. We offer private (1-on-1, duet, trio, quad) sessions, group mat and reformer classes. We keep our classes small so you get the attention you deserve, and to keep you moving in all the right ways. We help you learn the movement and feel confident moving your body to support your wellness, strength and fitness goals. The difference at Options Pilates is personal. Personal service, care and attention to detail. Our dedicated team of highly qualified instructors are here to guide you and support your body. Visit us, phone or contact with the form below and we’ll work out a plan to help you become your best self in the most efficient way possible.

  • OptionsPilates is the first and only international chain of Pilates studios worldwide.
  • We are based in Singapore, Hong Kong and UAE.
  • We have been able to grow because we've built a strong reputation for quality and keep this as our founding principle, enabling us to attract and train the best instructors and partners.

How is OptionsPilates different?

We differentiate ourselves from other studios with constant innovation, education and quality control that keeps our instructors ahead of the curve and maintains their superior quality and knowledge.

You will reap the benefits of the continuous education and training we provide to our instructors on-site and at our regionally-renowned Singapore education centre which is licensed to teach a variety of methods as well as our own courses. Because of this we can assure consistently high standards that cannot easily be achieved elsewhere.

What results can you expect from your workouts?

With Pilates classes you can expect to feel a difference in your body in just a few sessions, whether it’s for lower back pain, postural improvement or a general energy levels. After 10-20 sessions you should see a noticeable change in your physical appearance and feel stronger in your daily activities.

Jungle Sports™ workouts have an almost instant effect. Assuming that you work hard during class your muscles and joints will feel lighter and looser. Your back, shoulders and hips will feel uncompressed and muscle tightness will begin to be alleviated.

Who are our clients?

Our clients range from pregnant ladies to youths to geriatric rehab patients to the fittest of competitive athletes along with those who just want to stay in healthy shape. In short, just about everyone!

There are almost no restrictions as to who can exercise with us, and everyone is welcome. Sessions can be discrete and private if that is your preference or group classes can involve interaction and socialising between clients.

Where in UAE are Options Pilates Studios located?

We currently have 1 location in UAE - Dubai DIFC Emirates Financial towers.

Is there parking?

At Emirates Financial towers, there is plenty of parking space in the building for AED 12 / hour. Valet parking is available at AED 30 / hour. There's public parking 6 mins away on Sheikh Zayet Rd for AED 2 / 30 mins.

Other transport

Emirates Financial Towers is 8 minutes walk from Financial Centre station on MRed line. Buses 27, 29, F11 is also available.

What services does OptionsPilates offer?

We offer a range of different methods at our different studios with different specialisations at each location:

1-on-1 Private Pilates

You'll get the most benefit of Pilates when you take private sessions, as you will have the instructor's undivided attention. The choices of apparatus, movements and difficulty level are all tailored to your individual needs and goals.

A private session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect the Pilates movements and sequences that are ideal for your personal physical ability.

Pilates Group Classes

You can join group classes if you want to do Pilates and don't have various or specific injuries. Choose from mat Pilates and reformer Pilates classes as well as Jungle Sports suspension classes. To make your classes more fun we use a lot of props like flex bands, weights, balls, Bosu balls, and foam rollers. We always make the classes fun, challenging, and different! Our classes are small so the instructors give attention and corrections to every single student.

Pilates Instructor Certification

Since 2007 Options Pilates has certified hundreds of Pilates instructors throughout Singapore and Asia including studio owns and master trainers.

We offer the full range of Pilates Academy International courses and certification from internationally recognised Pilates on Fifth in New York. We also regularly run courses related to Pilates for instructors to stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Pilates For Pregnancy

Whether you join group classes specially designed for pregnant and post-natal women or you decide to take private 1-on-1 sessions, you will benefit from reduced back and neck discomfort, an easier labour (according to our clients) and faster recovery after birth. All women should take Pilates if pregnant or planning a pregnancy!


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