What to expect for your trial Pilates class

We invite you to come in for a 1-on-1 Private Pilates trial at less than half the usual rate.  During your 55 minute trial session you will receive:

  • · 15 minutes Posture analysis and body assessment
  • · 40 minutes of personalized 1-on-1 Private Pilates session
  • · Explanation about basics of Pilates, pelvic placement and how to work out safely with equipment

After the trial, your instructor will advise on which program is most suitable for you, whether it’s for posture improvement, pain reduction, preparation for pregnancy or general fitness.

Fill up form below for a private consultation-trial with our certified pilates instructors.

What should I wear?

We recommend comfortable, form-fitting clothes so that your instructor can clearly see your posture and body alignment. Shorts are ideal as they allow the instructor to easily check your knee placement, but leggings are fine too.

We ask all clients to wear socks for hygiene purposes. Socks with grips or socks with separate toes are advised to allow proper movement of the toes for balance and grip. Regular socks are acceptable, but make it harder to separate the toes for optimal balance, body awareness and stretching of the feet muscles.

We have changing rooms, lockers and Toesox for sale on the premise.

Where in UAE is Options Pilates Studios located?

We currently have 1 location in UAE - Dubai DIFC Emirates Financial towers.

Is there parking?

At Emirates Financial towers, there is plenty of parking space in the building for AED 12 / hour. Valet parking is available at AED 30 / hour. There's public parking 6 mins away on Sheikh Zayet Rd for AED 2 / 30 mins.

Other transport

Emirates Financial Towers is 8 minutes walk from Financial Centre station on MRed line. Buses 27, 29, F11 is also available.

Pilates Studio Etiquette

All First-time visitors to any class should arrive 15 minutes early to complete our intake forms and make payment.

Options Pilates Studios is a place of focused energy. Please respect the wishes of others and their desire to experience Pilates in a calm, focused atmosphere. Make sure your noise level does not disturb others.

Try to be quiet when classes are in progress, and turn cell phones to vibrate or silent during class.

Please save perfume for after class use as some people are allergic to it.

Please wear socks, or grip socks for all classes.

For hygiene purposes please wipe down the equipment after use & spray with disinfectant.

We ask that you refrain from bringing young children with you, as there is no way for them to be adequately supervised while you are exercising.


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