Our Pilates Group Classes are...


OptionsPilates studio uses state of the art equipment in a clean and tidy environment. All of our workouts consist of low to no-impact, safe exercises taught by qualified instructors who guide you with step-by-step instructions.


Pilates exercises utilise key elements of resistance and supported training to strengthen, tone and elongate your muscles. Your classes will help improve endurance, postural alignment and increase flexibility while restoring your body’s natural balance.


No Pilates class is ever the same! You will apply different movement each class to help shock your body to promote change and will regularly be pushed to the next level. You will quickly see and feel the benefits.


Regardless of how hard you work, every move we add to your group class is rehabilitative to the body. You will be positioned with a neutral spine and proper body alignment to achieve perfect postural alignment and muscule balance.


Your instructors will draw various exercises from classical Pilates and modern methods of Pilates to provide a progressive approach to your Pilates class. They will use a combination of performance enhancement techniques, functional and corrective training during your class.

Most importantly, they are FUN

Your classes will leave you feeling relaxed, worked out and happy. Not only do we love Pilates but we work hard and have fun doing it!

We don't follow a standard program, we will customise an individualized program based on your needs.


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