Management Team Opportunities in Singapore and Globally

We are seeking a driven individual to join our Management Team at OptionsPilates, an international chain of Pilates and movement studios known for its dynamic and fast-paced environment. This role is an exceptional opportunity for those with strong leadership qualities, a robust work ethic, and the resilience to thrive under pressure. While a direct interest in Pilates or fitness is not required, we are looking for someone with a keen ability to manage teams, oversee projects, and lead staff effectively. Our ideal candidate is eager to embark on a management career path, tackle challenges head-on, and uncover opportunities where others might see obstacles.

Ideal Candidate Attributes:

Resilience and Grit: You thrive under pressure and view challenges as opportunities for growth. "I've tried, but it's not possible" is not part of your vocabulary; instead, you believe "anything is possible if I try."

Leadership Potential: Your goal is to rise within the organization through proactive initiatives, making automotive decisions, and guiding teams with assurance.

Global Mindset: Prepared to engage in an international setting and a fast-paced environment, you're prepared for a challenging environment and quick adaptations. Opportunities for international assignments await as we expand.

Problem-Solving Skills: Your approach to problem-solving is both creative and proactive. You're quick to observe, evaluate, and act, always ready to suggest innovative solutions.

Strong Work Ethic :The ideal candidate does not shy away from hard work or responsibility. This role is perfect for individuals who are self-sufficient and aim to take on significant managerial responsibilities.

Ownership Mentality: You treat the studio's objectives and hurdles as your own, motivated by a sense of personal investment in our collective success.

Commitment to Engagement: Your availability extends beyond standard working hours. Even on your days off, staying informed and responsive to our group chats is essential. You understand that leadership involves staying informed and ready to act at all times.

Full-Time Dedication: This role is not suitable for part-time engagement. We require someone available to oversee studio operations consistently. If you have significant external commitments that frequently require your attention during work hours, such as frequent leaves for family care, this position is not for you.

While our industry often attracts female candidates, we strongly encourage male applicants as well. 

한국분 워크퍼밋 스폰서 가능합니다.

We welcome candidates holding Dependant's Pass (DP) and Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) with PLOC (pre-approved letter of consent) to work in Singapore. DP holders must obtain a Letter of Consent (LOC), which generally requires opening your own company. After one year of demonstrating exceptional capabilities and commitment to the company, we will consider sponsoring a Work Permit for the renewal of your LOC. Please note that at the beginning of employment, we are unable to sponsor S-Pass or Work Permit holders directly.

Position Details (Singapore)

Work Week: 5.5 days, including weekends.

Initial Employment Period: $14/hr for the first month, 5.5 days per week, 5 hours daily. This phase allows both parties to assess suitability and performance.

Transition to Monthly Salary: Post the initial assessment period of 1 month, successful candidates will transition to a structured salary of $2,600 (gross) with a clear progression path. Your working hours will change to a 44 hour work week or manager working hours.

Progression and Growth

The progression structure is designed to reward performance and initiative. Starting with an initial probationary period, there's potential for rapid salary progression based on demonstrable impact and leadership qualities.

We emphasize a "show us what you can do" approach, with tangible rewards for those who excel, including opportunities for international assignments as we grow.

Future Growth: Opportunity to increase to $3,000 (gross) or more based on performance and merit. Salary and career growth potential is unlimited, dependent on learning our business and demonstrating capabilities.

Periodic Performance Review: Pay rises based on KPIs and performance.


  • Management Team Duties: Assist in daily studio operations, problem-solving, customer service, and liaising with external vendors.
  • Instructor Management: Monitor instructors' educational progress and hold meetings to discuss their development.
  • HR Duties: Manage hiring processes for instructors, conduct interviews, and draft contracts. Address employee issues directly and constructively.
  • Education Management: Organize courses, assign administrative tasks, manage staff performance, and ensure quality control.
  • Staff Training and Projects: Oversee training procedures and manage studio projects.
  • Studio Systems, Policies, and Procedures: Develop and maintain systems for efficient studio operations.
  • Autonomous Operations: Exhibit proactivity by identifying and addressing needs before being asked.
  • Crisis Management: Address complaints and emergencies with effectiveness and poise.
  • Team Coordination: Communicate clearly, take initiative on unassigned tasks, and support the team without needing direction.
  • Cover reception as necessary, including handling the reception area, emails, phone call queries, bookings, and cancellations.
  • Ad-Hoc Duties: Tackle additional tasks as needed.



  • On-the-job training provided.
  • Free Pilates education, able to join group classes when the situation permits.
  • Promotion and performance-based bonus schemes available.


How to Apply

If you're driven, adaptable, and see yourself thriving in a fast-paced, international environment, we would love to hear from you. Please send your resume to [email protected] with the subject "Pilates Studio Management Team." Successful candidates will be contacted for further discussion.

Join us to redefine what it means to lead in the fitness industry, where Pilates is our product, but excellence in operations, growth, and leadership is our goal.


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