Group Class Descriptions

PAI Mat (Multi-Level)

This class is a great way to kickstart your Pilates journey and build some strong foundations. In mat exercises, your own bodyweight creates resistance that in turn, challenges your body’s “powerhouse*”. Improved strength, posture, agility and flexibility are examples of the wonderful benefits you will see in your body within a few weeks, not to mention lean toned muscles! The workout features exercises from the first three tiers of the Pilates Mat repertoire (Fundamental to Intermediate) in the Pilates Academy International (PAI) method, and is designed to bring awareness and strength to the core while integrating the upper and lower body in a full-body workout. Emphasis will be placed on proper execution of each exercise while providing small challenges and modifications where suitable. Props may be used.

* The term “Powerhouse” was created by Joseph Pilates to describe the place in the body from where all energy and movement begins. Movement should stem from the center and move out towards the limbs. It is your Powerhouse that gives you energy, strength, stability and control. The “Powerhouse” refers to the lower back muscles, glutes, the muscles around your hips and the pelvic floor, all of which work together to create a supportive corset for the trunk of your body.

PAI Fusion – Mat and Reformer (Multilevel)

Do you desire to be lean, toned and strong from inside-out? Then this is the perfect class for you! We bring together the benefits of the Mat and Reformer repertoire and provide a wide spectrum of exercises that will not just target your core, but also tone your arms, thighs and legs. Be prepared to be challenged in your coordination, body awareness and strength. The exercises are selected from the Pilates Academy International (PAI) Method (Tier 1-3) and are suitable for healthy individuals of different levels of fitness.

PAI Reformer (Multi-Level)

The Reformer apparatus is undoubtedly the most famous equipment created by Joseph Pilates. Using pulleys and springs to create resistance, the Reformer offers all the benefits of Pilates including overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance.

This translates into efficient, graceful movement, postural improvements and, often, pain relief in conditions associated with physical imbalances. Did we mention firmer and leaner arms, legs and abs? This total-body workout features the first three tiers of the Pilates Reformer repertoire (Fundamental to Intermediate) in the Pilates Academy International (PAI) Method. Emphasis will be placed on the proper execution of each exercise while providing small challenges and modifications where suitable. Props may be used.

Mat Freestyle (Multi-Level)

Longing for something to refresh your Pilates regime? Look no further. In this class, traditional Pilates Mat exercises are infused with functional movements and movement variations, with props often being used to intensify muscular activation. Expect to be introduced to new ways of performing familiar exercises, fun yet challenging routines on the BOSU® balance trainers and foam rollers, working with additional resistance from bands and fitness circles, and much more. This class is designed to improve muscle tone, endurance and overall stability from core to periphery.

Reformer Freestyle (Multi-Level)

Expect the unexpected in this class as our talented instructors spice up traditional Pilates exercises on the Reformer with variations and props. The versatility of this apparatus provides an endless variety of exercises that will never leave you bored. Get lean and energized with each session that is designed to strengthen the core, tone the hips and thighs, and flatten the abs.

Mat Advance (Intermediate – Advanced)

Welcome to the ultimate challenge for your core and periphery; lactate-producing interval training. This intense 55 minute class uses the complete Pilates mat repertoire, together with a dose of functional training, to challenge your strength, endurance and mental fortitude. Emphasis is placed on mastering the advanced mat exercises (tiers 4 and 5). Expect to keep your heart rate up as you flow from one exercise to the next with minimal rest. Invigorate your body and mind with more complicated Pilates choreography that works multiple muscle groups simultaneously.

Not for the faint-hearted!

Reformer Advance (Intermediate – Advanced)

An intense yet energizing workout that will push your physical limits and excite even the most elite of athletes. Experience progressions from familiar Reformer exercises and attempt new and unique movement patterns with the addition of advanced level exercises (tiers 4 and 5). This intense 55 minute class challenges your strength, stability, flexibility, balance and endurance to the highest degree. You’ll increase arm strength and overall endurance while targeting your core in every exercise. Be prepared to get your heart rate up in this class!

Circuit on Equipment (Intermediate – Advanced)

This class offers seasoned Pilates enthusiasts a chance to experience other Pilates equipment in the studio, which is usually only available to private clients. You will get to try bodyweight exercises on the stability chair, functional work on the tower that will work your arms, legs and core simultaneously, challenge your spinal strength and mobility on the barrel, and much more! Resistance can be easily tweaked to your personal abilities. The varied exercises are performed in a circuit format with short rest intervals. Overall benefits? Improved cardiovascular fitness, lean, strong bodies and lots of fun!

Sculpt and Strength (Intermediate – Advanced)

Reformer classes aimed at toning and shaping without adding bulk.

Power Reformer (Intermediate – Advanced)

Everything you can do on a Reformer that builds strength and flexibility.

Reform Butt and Thighs (Intermediate – Advanced)

Interval training using Pilates Reformer and mat exercises designed specifically to strengthen butt and thighs.

Pilates Ease (Low Intensity Level)

Do you know that Joseph Pilates practiced his method well into his eighties? Pilates exercises are beneficial for people of all ages, but they are particularly useful for older adults and individuals undergoing post-rehabilitation who are looking to grow strong and agile again. This class caters to anyone from grandparents to deconditioned athletes to complete beginners. It is conducted at a more measured pace to allow for individuals to build awareness in their own bodies and establish strong foundations for movements. Special attention is given to myo-fascial release, with an emphasis on proper biomechanics and alignment to help target the common causes of chronic lower back pain and joint stiffness. Balance, flexibility and core strength are the goals that this class is designed to achieve. We want you to continue to move through life with grace and agility, no matter how old you are!

Pre-Natal Pilates (Low Intensity Level)

Being pregnant is a beautiful thing and this class is designed to give expectant mums the attention they deserve. Our trained instructors will take you on a journey of discovery about your own body as it changes throughout pregnancy – focusing on total body integration, breathing and releasing techniques, ease of movements and preparation for labor positions. Focus is placed on strengthening the neutral position of the lumbo-pelvic region and posterior muscles, which mums require to support the growing baby in the tummy. While some pregnancy workouts aim to keep the body strong and tight, our class is designed to open and release the body in time for birth. Towards the third trimester, mums will also get to learn early postpartum recovery exercises. Constant emphasis is placed on the safety and wellbeing of our mums-to-be.

Post-Natal Pilates (Low Intensity Level)

Also known as the fourth trimester, postpartum is a crucial stage of a mother’s journey. To the detriment of many mums, however, it is usually ignored as attention is transferred to the new little ones. Our post-natal class is specially designed to restore mums to confidence and strength. Attention is focused on realigning the body after childbirth, rehabilitating the pelvic floor and increasing the strength of the postpartum body gradually. We enforce proper technique on how to deal with abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti), and give exercises that will help recreate awareness and strength in the deep core muscles. This is done in a nurturing and positive atmosphere, where women are energized and strengthened to face the demands of motherhood with ease. All instructors are well-trained for this very special class.

Jungle Sports Fitness (Multi-Level)

Jungle Sports Sling Training was founded in 2008 by Jan Schultz Larsen. After a serious car accident in 2003, he overcame a potential life filled with pain and pain-relieving drugs by discovering this alternative way of rehabilitation. This is suspension training unlike any other – the big focus here is on stimulating and strengthening the muscular and neuromuscular system to optimize weak-links, motion control and motion quality. Muscle activation and function is enhanced, creating an awareness of muscles that are inactive – which assists in realigning the body and bringing greater stability to the joints. If you are looking to build core strength, balance, flexibility and functional strength, this class is for you! This class is also an excellent tool for performance-enhancing training.

Pilates Bounce (Multi-Level)

Want a great cardio addition to your repertoire without compromising on the core strengthening, body balancing, gentle-to-your-joints features of a Pilates workout? This class continues to build on strength, stability and flexibility with classic Pilates exercises, coupled with intervals of plyometric training on the rebounder. You will get to experience the Jumpboard, Cardio-Tramp® Rebounder, BOSU® Balance Trainer and occasionally, even the Mini- Trampoline! Be prepared to enhance your stamina and strengthen your core big-time. Rebounding is great for lymphatic fluid circulation, which bolsters your immune system, and it also builds bone density with every bounce. Best of all, you’ll leave the studio feeling lighter, invigorated and with a new spring in your step. Let’s jump in and have some fun!

Dance Conditioning on Equipment (Intermediate)

A lovely, energizing workout that lengthens and tones muscles with a few twists on traditional Pilates exercises. This class will benefit anyone who enjoys the flow and focus of a contemporary dance class. The session begins with barre work that focuses on deep muscle groups that support proper form and then moves on to the Reformer or stability chair to include total body conditioning. Proper form and technique is emphasized to reduce the chance of injury while the body is challenged to reach new limits. Non-dancers are very welcome to join!