Koko Minami

Pilates Instructor


Koko has been learning Flamenco for a long time and she started Pilates to get more stability and flexibility. After a short period of time, she realized the physical and mental benefits of Pilates was unbelievable. Koko decided to get her teaching certification so that she could help others discover the many perks of a consistent Pilates practice.


As a practitioner and trainer, Koko is continuously inspired by how Pilates re-educates and heals the body. She enjoys working with people of all fitness levels, as well as teaching Pilates for pre- and post-natal clients.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Pre/Post-Natal Pilates
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • Japanese /English Pilates
  • Pilates for Teens
  • Pilates for Older Adults
  • Post-Rehabilitation

Education and Training:

  • Pilates Academy International (PAI) Master Instructor Trainer (2018)
  • Pilates Academy International Instructor (Level 1 & 2: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels) (2013-2018)
  • Pre/Post Rehabilitation Pilates by Pilates Academy International (2014)
  • STOTT PILATES® Instructor; Injuries and Special Populations (2009)
  • Jungle Sports: Physio Educative 1 Instructor (2018)
  • CARDIOLATES® Trainer – Pilates on Fifth (2014)
  • Redcord Neurac Trainer (2011)
  • Bachelor in English Linguistics (secret!)



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