Pilates Instructor

(Oxley, Wheelock Place)

Vivian enjoys various forms of sports and encountered Mat Pilates after exploring Yoga. Engaging in weekly practices has led her to discover a newfound enjoyment in Pilates, sparking an interest to delve deeper into the knowledge and understanding of this mindful form of training exercise. The integration of mind, breath, and body in executing controlled, precise movements fascinates her, teaching her to develop awareness of how her body responds and moves.

For Vivian, there is an anticipation and excitement to share and utilize her experience and knowledge to help others achieve their desired outcomes in their health and fitness journey. Beyond her commitment to exercise, another passion of hers is learning the Japanese language.
Similar to Pilates, in language learning, there is no finale to the journey, and there always awaits something to be explored or discovered.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Pilates for Beginners

Education and Training:

  • Pilates Academy International Instructor Level 1 (Anatomy, Biomechanics & Postural Analysis, Mat, Reformer)


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