If you have ever had the chance to see a Pilates class in action, you will probably have seen mat-based exercises with a focus on core strengthening or machine-based exercises on a reformer machine or cadillac table.  While Pilates does have a focus on improving core stability and strength and generally improving your ‘powerhouse’(core centre), this low intensity exercise system has a list of benefits that you might not even realize.

Pilates focuses on stability and controlling your muscles which will result in increased strength, mobility and range of motion and function.  Group and private sessions will either take place on the mat or on specialist Pilates apparatus such as the reformer, cadillac table, chair or ladder barrel, or on a combination of the above machines.  Regardless of which piece of equipment you are on, the controlled movements will be focused on the breath, core activation, correct postural alignment and overall body awareness.

Instructors will guide you through the exercises with a series of instructions that coordinate your breathing and movement whilst also giving cues to correct technique and form.  The pace is slow and controlled and the workout balanced, ensuring you leave the class energized, lengthened, and walking taller with an increased awareness of postural alignment.

  1. Improved Posture: Pilates is all about lengthening and connecting to your muscles, so it’s no surprise that one of the main benefits of regular practice is improved posture. During class your instructor will continually draw awareness to correct postural alignment and finding support for this with your muscles. This results in improved posture during and after class and throughout the rest of your week as you become more aware of how you hold your body and how you sit, stand, walk and generally move.  Through regular Pilates practice you will learn how to correctly position your spine and pelvis and gain strength in your core, back, glutes and leg muscles so that standing up taller becomes much easier.
  2. Increased flexibility: Another benefit of working your muscles through their full range of motion is improved flexibility. Pilates exercises and dynamic stretches will lengthen and expand muscles which will result in less restricted movement. Having good overall flexibility will help to prevent injury, improve your posture and overall health.
  3. Better balance: Many Pilates movements include an element of balance as you are constantly trying to centre and align your body and muscles correctly when performing the exercises. Better balance will in turn lead to increased stability.
  4. Better performance in other workouts and sporting activities: Pilates is a very helpful supplement for most other activities, since it brings more awareness into your centre and to postural movement patterns. Through regular Pilates training, you will actively support your body’s flexibility, coordination and core strength which are all essential for improving performance in any sport. 
  5. Reduced back pain: The combination of core strengthening- focused exercises and correcting and reinforcing postural alignment, makes Pilates the best antidote for back pain. In addition, during your Pilates session there will be many body lengthening movements which has the result of decompressing your spine which will help to relieve back pain.


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