Pilates Instructor

(Bukit Timah, KAP, HIllford)

In her earlier years, Alison was not only diligent in her studies and professional pursuits, but also embraced an active lifestyle. A genuine sports enthusiast, she participated in various disciplines such as floorball, netball, and fencing, driven by her inherently competitive nature. Always striving to be the best, she thrived in the challenges presented by each sport.

Passionate about teaching and sports, Alison seamlessly merged her love for both worlds. Pilates became not just a personal fitness journey but a pathway for her to share her expertise and enthusiasm with others. Her dedication to helping individuals reach their fitness goals is a testament to her commitment to make a positive impact on those around her.




Areas of Expertise:

  • Pilates for Beginners

Education and Training:

  • Pilates Academy International Instructor Level 1 (Anatomy, Biomechanics & Postural Analysis, Mat, Reformer)


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