Jing Jing Cheong

Pilates Instructor

(The American Club, Wheelock Place)

Jing has an avid interests in fitness, she is experimental with different types of sports and implores to improve exercise regimes. 

She has always been fanscinated by human anatomy in relation to strength and mobility movement. The awakening to pursue Pilates arrived when she witnessed positive changes of her peers who had scoliosis and spine problems through the teachings of Pilates. 

Pilates has given her the opportunity to understand fitness better. Exercising to improve in overall wellness through deliberated move and balance.

With this passion, Jing has attained certification to formally share the same passion and empower more people to achieve better mobility and physical improvements.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Pilates for beginners

  • Pilates for fitness 

  • Pilates for elderly clients


Education and Training:

  • Pilates Academy International Instructor Level 1 & 2 (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels)

  • Pre/Post-Natal Pilates by Pilates Academy International
  • Pilates Academy International: Golden pilates; Programming for elderly clients. 

  • BSc. in Psychology