Jessie (Jinsil) Choi  최진실

Pilates Instructor

(Bukit Timah)
While working as a massage therapist, my primary objective was to find the stiff muscle area and soften it with various massage techniques.
Clients that always had shoulder pains, also had back pain and headaches. I understood why the pain persists throughout the body for some clients, but I was always curious what the root of the problem was.
As I started working longer hours, I started having back pains, as I did not have proper posture and I was using my body weight incorrectly. That led me to learn Pilates, and it helped me learn about proper posture and better understanding of my body.
While I was working as a therapist, I realized that massaging muscles isn't the best solution, the best thing to do is to strengthen the muscles from within, by doing various exercises for each muscle group to balance your body. 
Even a basic exercise, if you understand the muscle group that is invovled and how to use them, the result becomes completely different.
Massage therapy does wonders for temporary relief, but it does not provide a solution for clients that has chronic pain. I felt that Pilates could change that, Pilates can help you design your body tailored to you, which lead me to learn pilates professionally.
I will work with each of you to find the correct posture that suits you for a healthier body.
근육을 이완시켜주는 테라피스트 일을 하면서 굳어서 딱딱해진 부분에 위치를 파악하고 억지로 이완시켜 근육을 풀어줬습니다. 항상 어깨가 아프신 손님들은 허리도 안좋고 두통이 심하다는 말을 하셔서 마시지쪽으로 생각하면 이해는 가지만 항상 원인이 무엇일까라는 궁금증을 가지고 있었습니다.
그러던중 손님들에 뭉친부분을 풀기위해서 몸에 체중을 이용해 잘못된 자세로 이완시키다보니 끊어질듯한 허리통증이 생겼습니다. 
그래서 자세라도 바르게 만들자라는 마음으로 시작한 운동이 필라테스였습니다.
운동을 하면서 이완이 중요한게 아니라 속근육의 강화와 각각의 근육들이 알맞은 방법으로 자리를 잡아 몸에  발란스를 맞출수 있다는걸 깨달았습니다.
풋워크 같은 쉬운 동작도 얼마나 근육을 이해하고 어떤 근육을 사용하느냐 따라서 느낌이 다른걸 느끼면서
마사지는 단기간 통증은 줄일수 있지만,
잘못된 습관으로 인해 생겨버린 통증은 평생 안고 가는 손님들을 보면서 항상 안타까웠는데 필라테스라면 고민하던것들에 문제점들에 답을 찾을 수 있을거 같아 몸을 디자인 하는 사람으로 성장하기 위해 전문적으로 필라테스를 배우기 시작했습니다.
회원님들에 바른자세를 통해서 건강한 몸을 가질 수 있도록 책임감있게 일하겠습니다.

Areas of Expertise:

Pilates for Beginners / Intermediate 초보 / 중급 필라테스

Education and Training:

  • - Pilates Academy International Instructor Level 1 (Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Postural Analysis, Mat, Reformer); Level 2 (Mat)
    - Golden Pilates by Pilates Academy International
    - Pre/Post Rehabilitation Pilates by Pilates Academy International
    - Pre/Post-Natal Pilates by Pilates Academy International
    - STOTT PILATES Instructor Level1 & 2 (Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, and Barrels); Injuries and Special Populations (2019)
    - PMA-NCPT (2020)
    - Bodyweight Training (2019)
    - Optimization of the Lumba-Pelvic Region (2019)
    - Assessment and Warm-up for Foundation Movement (2018)


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