Pilates Instructor

(Bukit Timah)

Yvonne's Pilates journey began when she started rebuilding her body through pre/post-natal Pilates after the birth of her second child. An active member of both a woman’s tennis team and hip hop dance troupe, Yvonne then sustained a knee injury and sought physiotherapy and Pilates to build back her strength. Since then, she has committed herself to Pilates full-time and has been training and instructing ever since.

Through Pilates, Yvonne has discovered a new sense of both physical and mental well-being, both of which are essential for dealing with the demands of motherhood. It has made such a difference in her own life. Now, she aims to make that same difference in the lives of others.

Yvonne has lived across the world, from Beijing to San Francisco and now Singapore. She can teach in both English and Chinese, and is excited to share her knowledge and experience!

她曾是WITS网球队和嘻哈舞蹈团的活跃成员,Yvonne随后膝盖受伤,随着专业物理治疗和普拉提来重建身体并完全恢复正常运动。 从那时起点燃了她对普拉提的热爱,她全身心地投入到普拉提学习和教学中,并从那时起一直在训练和教课。
Yvonne曾在世界各地生活过,从北京到旧金山,再到现在的新加坡。 她可以用英文和中文授课。


Areas of Expertise:

  • Pilates for Beginners
  • Pilates for fitness
  • Pilates for dancers
  • Pre/Post Rehabilitation Pilates
  • Pilates in Chinese

Education and Training:

  • Pilates Academy International Instructor Level 1 (Anatomy, Biomechanics and Postural Analysis, Level 1: Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels; Level 2: Mat)
  • Pre/Post Rehabilitation Pilates by Pilates Academy International


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